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The Mars Drinks system creates a personalized experience with the ultimate selection of beverages including freshly roasted and ground coffees from ALTERRA®, real leaf and herbal teas from THE BRIGHT TEA CO.®, premium hot chocolate from DOVE®, and specialties like cappuccinos, lattes and mochas.

ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters

ALTERRA is genuinely and enthusiastically obsessed about delivering good quality coffee for all, with a full range of products in four roast and taste combinations plus flavored, decaf and specialty beverages.
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Created by dedicated tea enthusiasts, THE BRIGHT TEA CO. offers high quality tea blends that are refreshed for the demands of today. Enjoy black, green, flavored and herbal teas that are never bitter and never bland.
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DOVE® Hot chocolate

Enjoy this perfect treat of silky smooth delicious hot chocolate from the beloved DOVE® Chocolate brand.
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A versatile range of high-performing, hassle-free brewers

The FLAVIA® single-serve experience delivers the perfect drink in just 40 seconds
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It’s effortless & adaptable
It’s reliable & convinient
It’s energy efficient & sustainable
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  • "The Mars Drinks single-serve system allows Alston & Bird staffers to go to the breakroom to brew their favorite coffee and tea however and whenever they want."
    Richard Hays - Alston & Bird
    "People are always lined up in the morning at the Mars Drinks single-serve system to chat and catch up. The beverage stations help in creating the magic in the office."
    Todd Lachman - Mars Petcare
    "It is great for people to get up from their desks and not isolate themselves in a conference room. There is a real value behind the concept of informal meeting spaces and the Mars Drinks single-serve system provides that opportunity."
    Martin Radvan - Wrigley
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