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Are you ready to start building a more sustainable future? Check out our Recycle Your Freshpacks program to start reducing waste and making a difference today.

A More Sustainable Office Coffee

MARS DRINKS is committed to helping workplaces around the globe to meet their own sustainability goals. Our single most important priority over the next five years will be to solve the waste challenge for workplaces that choose MARS DRINKS. To this end, we offer the Recycle Your Freshpacks program, an innovative recycling program that prevents millions of single serve Freshpacks from ending up in a landfill.


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We aim to provide the most sustainable workplace drinks solution.  Our sustainability strategy sets out how we will achieve this goal by focusing on three key pillars.

Our sustainability strategy is a five year plan, from 2016 to 2020, that is informed by our customers’ needs and our workplace expertise. As part of our strategy, MARS DRINKS’ employees (our Associates) are the ambassadors for our sustainability efforts.

In addition to the challenge posed by pack and machine waste, our 2016-2020 sustainability strategy focuses on two other key areas: Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Operations.

Sustainable Agriculture

The coffee, black tea and cocoa used in our products is often grown by smallholder farmers in low-income communities. Many struggle with low productivity, reduced income, and increasingly, risks from climate change impacts, which in turn can impact the supply of these raw materials.

To deliver quality products that deliver on taste and choice we must secure the future of the people in our supply chain. We want to improve farmers’ lives, encourage the use of environmentally friendly farming practices, and buy raw materials from traceable and sustainable sources.

Sustainable Operations

We are driven by the expectations of the people in the modern workplace, who increasingly expect us to operate sustainably. The global impacts of climate change affect individuals, governments and the business community.

Our parent company, MARS Incorporated, has committed to eliminating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the company’s operations by 2040 through our Sustainable in a Generation Program. Over the last five years, MARS DRINKS has reduced our energy and water use and waste through the Sustainable in a Generation program.

On sustainability performance, our West Chester, Pennsylvania campus ranks first across all 140 MARS Incorporated factories while our Basingstoke, UK site comes in in tenth place, demonstrating our success at reducing energy, water and waste. We recognize the importance of sustainability in both offices and factories, though the potential for us to have the most impact on our own sites lies within our factories and so our work focuses on this area.

Sustainable Solutions

Through innovation and by working with our customers to reduce waste from our single serve packaging and KLIX cups, we plan to solve the waste challenge presented by drinks packaging and technology.


We’re committed to introducing a more environmentally-friendly Freshpack across our portfolio by 2020. Our goal over the next five years is to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Freshpack by 25%.

We examined the entire lifecycle of our Freshpack to see if there was room for improvement. We discovered that the first step of raw material extraction was the place where we could have a positive impact. So we went to work and innovated new production processes that allow us to reduce the need for aluminum, a raw material that creates significant emissions during extraction.

Our more sustainable Freshpack is just part of our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to become the most sustainable workplace drinks solution. Some of the other ways that we’re demonstrating our commitment to sustainability include:

  • Recycle Your Freshpacks Program: Since 2011 we have achieved a 312% increase in recycling partner activity — diverting Freshpacks from landfill.
  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients: 100% of our owned brand coffees, black teas and hot chocolate* are sourced from third party-certified farms.
  • Invested in Renewable Electricity: MARS Incorporated has invested in a wind farm that generates the energy equivalent to what is required to power all of MARS Incorporated’s operations in the US, including our MARS DRINKS LEED certified West Chester, Pennsylvania campus.
  • Zero Waste to Landfill: Our UK and US factory sites send zero waste to landfill and are certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standards.
  • Good Stewardship of Resources: We reduced fossil fuel energy and water use on factory sites by 65% and 63% respectively since 2007, and we reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70%

Sustainability infographic

*US only


We manufacture our MARS DRINKS KLIX machines in Basingstoke, UK, while our single-serve brewers are manufactured by an approved third-party supplier. We are working to ensure our technologies contain responsibly sourced components, use energy and water efficiently, and can easily be recycled when our customers no longer need them.