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The POP-UP BREW TOUR is on its way

Now's your chance to sign up for the FLAVIA™ POP-UP BREW TOUR!

Ready to perk up your workplace? Book a spot on the FLAVIA® POP-UP BREW TOUR and we'll bring a fun, authentic café experience directly to the coffee connoisseurs of your office! If you're picked, our trained baristas will show you how to craft customized drinks and all the delicious beverage possibilities FLAVIA® brewers can bring to your employees. Sign up today!

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Coworkers enjoying Alterra coffee

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Office Coffee Machines That Work for You

Our commercial office coffee machines provide the convenience and durability you need to make the office café come alive. Our machines brew delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even specialty drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos, all at the touch of a button.

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FLAVIA® Barista 500

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FLAVIA Creation® 500

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