February 17, 2017

How the Workplace Supports Work

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCR Global Vice President of WORKPLACE VITALITY™ MARS DRINKS

Work is a part of life and life is a part of work – but what is it that work fulfills for us? And what kinds of activities are most important for the workplace to support?

In our research related to Workplace Vitality™, we sought input from a variety professionals at many different types of companies across the U.S. We found that there are foundational activities through which work gets done and which are most important for the workplace to support. Of course a key element of the workplace is the beverage experience. Coffee, tea, lattes, hot chocolate – these are embedded parts of any work day. Through our research we found that people value beverages in order to support their work in the following ways.

People at work value beverages in order to accelerate, focus, and inspire their work. Drinks also play roles throughout the day in the ‘between times’ as they provide rhythm for the day and transitions between tasks. Additional roles are in supporting new relationships as they are initiated and fostering relationships by connecting people. And drinks also play a reassuring and nourishing role throughout the day – to sooth, to boost, and to nourish.

We also know that all generations—especially Millennials (82%) and Gen X (76%) —value and demand workplace beverages.  And finally, through our research, we learned that if drinks were not available, respondents believed their day would be in decline:

  • 62% of people expected a decline in well-being
  • 54% expected reductions in engagement and productivity
  • 46% said that collaboration would suffer

All in all, the workplace is a critical element for supporting people and their work, and beverages are an important part of a successful work environment.

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