February 03, 2017

The Future of Work & the Power of Community

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCR Global Vice President of WORKPLACE VITALITY™ MARS DRINKS

What is the future of work? Is it about IOT? Blockchain technology? Culture? Choice? Diversity? Leadership? Shifting employment models and ways of working? Leadership? Perhaps it’s about all of these. Like the blind men describing the elephant, our best lens on the future may come from synergizing multiple perspectives.

Mars Drinks is delighted to be a part of the Future of Work Community’s e-Books – The Future of Work: Make the Future Work for You First Edition (2015) and Second Edition (2016). These publications, written by FOW Community members, provide a broad perspective on the Future of Work in terms of what we will be facing and what it will take to be successful as we move forward. The ideas have terrific substance and insight, but the greatest value may be in the multiple perspectives that are offered from a group of expert practitioners who are each shaping a future of work where people and organizations thrive. None of us is as smart as all of us, and a full view of reality requires multiple lenses. It’s the power of community – a place to share, learn, explore, and disrupt. The collective intelligence and experiences shared through the community and the e-Book offer inspiration on the creation of great work, great worker experiences, and great workplaces.

Tags: Workplace Vitality